Volunteer In Parks Opportunities


Job Positions
1. Trail Monitor
2. Trail Maintenance
3. Roving Park Patrol
4. Gardening/Landscaping
5. Invasives Removal
6. Stream Monitor
7. Skilled Maintenance
8. Painting
9. Recreation Program Asst.
10. Volunteen
11. Sports/Activity Trainer
12. First Aid/CPR Instructor
13. Special Events
14. Special Projects
15. Planning Committees
16. Office Assistant
17. Graphic Artist
18. Web Guru
19. Grant Writer/Fundraiser
20. Other
21. Group Opportunities
22. Scout Projects

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The Stroud Region's Volunteer In Parks (VIP) Program welcomes all qualified individuals with interest in and enthusiasm for area parks, greenways, open space, or recreational programming!

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • What can I do in my Spare Time?
  • How can I become a park partner or volunteer my time?
  • How do I adopt a project?

If so, we got a job for you! The Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation Commission is always looking for individuals to assist in various projects. Upon acceptance and training, you will receive a VIP T-shirt and badge to identify you as one of our valuable Volunteers In Parks! Stroud Region offers opportunities in the many areas, such as:

Job Descriptions

1. Trail Monitor. Volunteers agree to walk an assigned section of trail once a week, pick up litter, observe wildlife, report vandalism and safety hazards, and note trail conditions on a log for appropriate actions by Staff. The Trail Monitor must be familiar with all park rules and be able to recognize tree hazards and other maintenance needs such as creek and culvert blockages, trail surface damage, vandalism, graffiti, and sign damage.

2. Trail Maintenance. Volunteers agree to help with certain tasks in keeping trails in good condition, such as trimming weeds and branches, removing poison ivy, laying wood chips, maintaining signs, etc.

3. Roving Park Patrol. Using their personal vehicles, Volunteers patrol the regional parks with flexible schedules based on available manpower and peak usage periods in the various parks. Each Volunteer patrol notes the times and dates of visits, estimates the number of park users, and notes park conditions on a log. The SROSRC reimburses the volunteer miles at the IRS Standard Mileage Rate for volunteers, currently at 14 cents per mile.

4. Gardening / Landscaping. Volunteers help plant flowers, shrubs, and trees and maintain planting beds in the parks.

5. Invasives Removal. Volunteers assist trained personnel in identifying and removing certain invasive plants in the parks, thus protecting native species of plants and animals in their natural habitats.

6. Stream Monitor. Volunteers agree to walk an assigned section of the Brodhead Creek or McMichael Creek once a month, pick up litter, observe wildlife, report safety hazards, and note stream and stream bank conditions on a log for appropriate actions by Staff. The Stream Monitor must be familiar with all park rules and be able to recognize stream hazards and other maintenance needs, such as blockages and erosion problems.

7. Skilled Maintenance. Volunteers trained in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and other trades assist in specific tasks that fit their skills.

8. Painting Volunteers. assist in indoor and outdoor painting projects, using oil-based or latex paints on walls, woodwork, signs, and other equipment as needed.

9. Recreation Program. Assistant Volunteers agree to assist a Recreation professional in conducting certain recreation and educational programs for children, youth, or adults. He or she assists with program set-up and clean-up, greets participants, and assists the Instructor in the program. Volunteers may choose the type of indoor or outdoor program in which they have particular interest.

10. Volunteen. Volunteens are youth ages 12-18 who want to give back to their community and gain experience working with groups on various projects, which may include gardening, painting, park maintenance, and other special projects.

11. Sports Coach / Activity Trainer. Volunteers with training in working with children or youth and in a particular sport or activity may coach or lead a group or team in an extended season-long play. Opportunities exist in baseball, softball, whiffleball, soccer, basketball, touch football, volleyball, swimming, badminton, tennis, horseshoes/quoits, beanbags, croquet, skateboarding. Leaders in non-team activities, such as karate, dance, and aerobics are also sought.

12. First Aid / CPR Instructor. Volunteers certified as Trainers in American Red Cross Guidelines for First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and Emergency Cardiovascular Care conduct certified training for Park staff and other members of the community.

13. Special Events. Volunteers agree to assist in specific areas of the planning, publicity, management, and other preparations of special or annual events, such as the Levee-Loop Annual Fitness Festival, Stroudfest, Independence Day Celebrations, Concerts in the Park, Spring Clean-up Day, Community Days, etc.

14. Special Projects. Volunteers agree to assist in specific short-term projects in which they may have an interest or skill, which may involve any indoor or outdoor task. Those who indicate interest in Special Projects on the VIP Application will be contacted by Program staff for particular projects based on their personal training, experience, skills, hobbies, interests, or certifications listed on the application.

15. Planning Committee. A variety of organized citizen groups meet to help plan and administer parks, open space, programming, and environmental quality within the Stroud Region, and include the Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation Commission, Greenway Advisory Board, Recreation Advisory Board, and various other task forces and study committees. Those who indicate interest in this area may be contacted when an opening or opportunity presents.

16. Office Assistant. Volunteers agree to assist as needed in variety of office tasks, including, but not limited to: answering the phone, processing program registrations, mailing preparations, digital photo cataloging, supplies, and equipment inventories, etc. Computer knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel programs is helpful, but not required.

17. Graphic Arts. Volunteers trained in fine and graphic arts may be called upon to design program brochures and flyers, cards, signs, logos, etc. or develop murals, stage props, or other artistic works.

18. Web Guru. Volunteers trained in web design and maintenance may be called upon to periodically redesign and/or update all or portions of the Commission's website to continually present a professional, relevant, useful and up-to-date web presence for all aspects of the Commission's news, activities, projects, and related parks and open space properties.

19. Grant Writer / Fundraiser. Volunteers with the required background, training, experience, and written and public communications skills may assist Staff in developing grant proposals, applications, and presentations for specific capital, operations, service and program projects.

20. Other. Volunteers with special skills or interests may suggest other areas of service in which they are willing to contribute to the good of the organization.

21. Group Opportunities. Volunteer groups, such as the Kiwanis, Rotary, Moose, Jaycees, or other member organizations wishing to contribute their combined manpower for a season or special project are always welcome. Please contact the Program Staff.

22. Scout Projects. Boy Scout or Girl Scout projects are welcome and encouraged in most of the parks. Please contact the Program Staff before completing a project proposal to allow review, direction, and recommendations for the best possible results.


To apply, please complete a VIP Application, also available from the Commission office at the Day Street Community Center, 15 Day Street, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. For more information, call 570-426-1512 or email VIP@srosrc.org.