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Two dozen wonderful public parks are throughout the Stroud Region which offer many excellent recreational facilities and enjoyable opportunities for active and passive pursuits. Please obey all posted rules for your safety, enjoyment, and the benefit of all. 

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Park articles are courtesy the Stroudsburg High School Mountaineer Newspaper.

Albertson Park ( Article | Map | Printable), named after retired Township Supervisor and dedicated public servant, Mr. Jay Albertson, is the cornerstone of Stroud Township recreation facilities. This park, locally known as "the duck pond", provides a lovely setting for the Stroud Township Municipal Building. The park has playground equipment and a pavilion. Across the street from the pond on Wallace St. is part of the park and has a gazebo for the "Concert in the Park" series.

Amhurst Park ( Article | Map )is located on Third Street and provides lighted basketball courts, a playground, a large grassy play area, and a sand volleyball court. This park is locally known as Third Street Park.

Ann Street Park ( Article | Map ) is found at the corner of Broad and Ann Streets along the McMichael Creek. It offers a scenic patio to view the falls.  It is close to downtown amenities on Sarah Street and Main Street in Stroudsburg.

Big Pines Park ( Article | Map ) is part of a long-term goal to establish small neighborhood parks throughout the Township. Big Pines Park is located near the Stroudsburg Middle School off of Cranberry Road, at Sky Pine Way. A secondary entrance is located at Big Pine Lane and Sky Pine Way. Big Pines is a twenty-five acre park with a soccer/baseball field, parking area and a picnic pavilion with grills, and port-a-potties.

Brodhead Creek Park ( Article | Map | Printable ) is on Route 191 north of the Big Wheel Roller Skating Rink. It is a 34-acre property that encompasses a pristine stretch of the Brodhead Creek, which is perfect for observing nature and for fishing. There is a small pond for children under 12 to fish in. On summer weekends there is an entrance fee of $10 per person for non-Monroe-County residents.

Bryant Park ( Article | Map ) is a charming Neighborhood Pocket Park at the corner of Bryant Street and Park Avenue, developed in a formerly vacant lot. Community volunteers have provided the park with new trees, fencing, a 16-foot gazebo, and flower gardens.

Creekview Park ( Article | Map | Printable) is home to the Stroudsburg Little League, three ball fields, and the bESSA/Hughes Field House. This 25-acre park is located along the Brodhead Creek off Avenue C, Appenzeller Ave., and Powerhouse Lane. Creekview also offers many passive recreational opportunities, including walking, jogging, hiking, fishing, and birdwatching. A portion of the Levee Loop Trail system runs along the park's border.

Dansbury Park ( Article | Map ) is located along Day Street and is a popular destination for a wide variety of recreational activities. The park includes tennis courts, basketball courts, softball, baseball, and soccer fields, skatepark and playground areas, a large pavilion, summer concession stand, and East Stroudsburg Borough swimming pool, including a splash park area and giant 22-foot water slide. The pool has a zero depth entry and separate lap swim area. The Day Street Community Center, which houses the offices of the Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation Commission, is adjacent to the park. A trailhead to the Levee Loop Trail system is located in the park's northwest corner.

Glen Brook Golf Club ( Article | Map | Printable | Website) is a 224-acre,18-hole public golf course off Hickory Valley Road along two miles of the McMichael Creek. Stroud Township is allowing use of the property on some non-course areas for hiking, bird watching, fishing, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.

Glen Park ( Article | Map ), at the end of Collins Street in south Stroudsburg, offers softball, soccer fields, and trails used for hiking and biking. Fishing is available along the Brodhead Creek.

Gregory's Pond Park ( Article | Map | Printable ) is a 16-acre park located along Route 447 at Poole Road and is bordered on three sides by the Terra Greens Golf Course, and offers a peaceful spot for fishing. Hiking trails exist in wooded area that can be accessed from the parking lot that meander the upland woodlands of this natural area.  There are geologic features, native plants, and wildlife that compliment the natural area. 

Hickory Valley Park ( Map | Printable ) is open space area along the McMichael Creek that offers passive recreation of walking, nature viewing, and a great spot for fishing. A parking and picnic area is located at it's western end along Hickory Valley Road. This park is near the Glen Brook Golf Club and part of the preserve buffers the outskirts of the golf course.  

Katz Park ( Article | Map ) Located at Wedgewood Lake & Heritage Drive, Katz Park contains 7.2 acres including a pond, walking trail and picnic area.

Kovarick Park Lands ( Article | Map ) Consisting of approximately 13 acres, located off Glenview Avenue and Paula and Michael Drives, this beautiful property features undeveloped woodlands with great potential for passive recreational opportunities including walking, picnicking, and fishing.

Laural Street Pond ( Article | Map ) is a neighborhood "pocket park" of approximately one acre off Clearview Avenue. The pond is a favorite spot for lillypads and frogs.

Miller Park ( Article | Map ) is an in-town passive park with flower gardens and plantings, and is accessed from the municipal parking lot on South Kistler Street. It is in close to the historic Dansbury Depot and downtown amenities along Crystal Street in East Stroudsburg.

Moore Park ( Article | Map ) Playground equipment is installed for this neighborhood "pocket park" of approximately one-half acre on White Birch Street off Stokes Avenue. Neighbors participated as an advisory board in choosing the equipment, which includes two swings, a satellite climber, two diggers, two spring rockers, and a ball chute game.

Pinebrook Park ( Article | Map | Printable ) located off Route 191 near Pinebrook Bible Camp, is nestled along Brodhead Creek offering an ideal spot for walking, picnics, fishing, nature watching, and trails. Two entrances, known as the north entrance and the south entrance, are off of Rt. 191 and lead into parking areas for visitors. Walking trails have been cut through the wooded areas from the northern end connected by a bridge to the southern section. There are picnic sites with tables and grills for public enjoyment. On summer weekends there is an entrance fee of $10 per person for non-Monroe-County residents.

Rotary Creek Park ( Article | Map ) is found under the Seventh Street bridge on both sides of the McMichael Creek. It offers excellent fishing along the creek.

Stroudsburg Borough Park ( Article | Map ) is located off West Main Street adjacent to the Stroudsburg High School and Morey Elementary School. This park contains a playground, spray pool area, picnic pavilion, skatepark, and the pool complex. The pool complex includes a wading pool and main pool with slides and diving boards, picnic tables, pavilion, and concession stand. Situated along Pocono Creek, the park is well-situated for fishing, walking, and picnicking.

Terra Greens Golf Course ( Article | Map | Printable | Website) is a 111-acre, 9-hole public golf course along Route 447 and Poole Road, and is one of the few remaining large tracts of open space in close proximity to the borough. Participants and members can now enjoy Foot Golf. 

West Gate Park ( Article | Map ) is located on the corner of West Main Street and Dreher Ave. Picnic tables and shade trees provide a comfortable resting spot.

Yetter Park ( Article | Map | Printable ) is situated off of Mill Creek Rd. along the scenic Brodhead Creek. It offers beautiful walking and jogging trails leading to East Stroudsburg along a portion of the Levee Loop Trail. An 18-hole disc golf course extends throughout the woods. A parking area off Roosevelt and Wilson Avenues provides easy access.

Zacharias Pond Park ( Article | Map | Printable ) is located at the end of East Third Street off North Courtland Street. The park includes a picnic pavilion, pond, fitness stations, and part-paved/part-gravel jogging and walking trail.