Regional Parks & Facilities


Stroud Township Parks 2018 Non-Resident Use Fees

By order of the Stroud Township Board of Supervisors, a non-resident park user fee is charged $10.00 per person ages 6 and older daily (no fee for children age 5 and under) who are non-residents on Weekends and Holidays. 

There is NO FEE for Stroud Township Residents and Residents of Reciprocating Monroe County municipalities - proof of residency is required.  
* $10.00 daily/person on Weekends and Holidays
* Exact amount only, NO refunds, NO rain checks; re-entry only by paid receipt
* NO FEE for Age 5 and under
* NO FEE for PA Licensed Fishermen when fishing 
* NO FEE for Disc Golfers at Yetter Park

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Pavilion and Table Rentals

SROSRC manages all pavilion rentals in our parks and picnic table rentals at Dansbury Park.

*All rental requests are handled in person in the Day Street Community Center - Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:30-4:00 pm
*If the Rental is for the next day it must be completed before 12:00 pm(noon) the day prior.  No rentals are taken the Day of, nor are any rentals taken over the phone or dates held without a security deposit
*Rentals are based on first come, first serve basis with completed reservation agreement and payment received (rental fee and security deposit)
*Non-resident use fees apply in Stroud Township parks without a pre-approved & pre-paid reservation - NO pavilion rental fee will be collected in the park for the same day of use*  
*In the Dansbury Park pavilion, grills are not included with the rental of picnic tables - be respectful of others using the facility
*Reservation notices will be displayed either on tables (at Dansbury Park pavilion) and/or on the sign display of the pavilion
*Set-up and clean-up is included in rental time period
*If pavilion or tables are not reserved they are available on a first come, first serve basis

Rules and Regulations

(Regional Parks, Trails & Facilities Rules and Regulations)

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Hours of Operation

Normal hours of operation for all Stroud Region Parks ("Regional Parks") are dawn to dusk. Park hours may be adjusted for special events as approved by the Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation Commission. Certain facilities, such as swimming pools, may have different hours of operation.

Regional Residency

Residents are those who live within East Stroudsburg Borough, Stroudsburg Borough, and Stroud Township.  Proof of residency is required, such as a valid driver's license. 


Pavilions, athletic fields and courts and swimming pools in the Regional Park system are available for rent by residents, non-residents, non-profit organizations, and businesses for sporting events and social gatherings. All organized groups must complete a Regional Park & Facility Agreement in person at the Day Street Community Center in East Stroudsburg.

Reservation requests are not officially approved or confirmed until the applicant pays the appropriate fees in full and if applicable, submits a Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Applicants should plan accordingly.  Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, must be in attendance at the event, and assume responsibility for the group’s knowledge of and adherence to all Regional Rules and Regulations.
Facilities may be requested for use during regular hours of operation (dawn to dusk).

*SROSRC reserves the right to adjust times and will notify the applicant if a change is necessary prior to confirmation of request. Use is permitted only during hours approved by SROSRC. Applicants in violation of the agreement or these Rules and Regulations may be subject to the loss of their security deposit.

Click below to download the appropriate forms.  Please note: All reservations and payments of fees have to be made in person at the Stroud Region Open Space & Recreation (SROSRC) office in the Day Street Community Center, East Stroudsburg.  Mailed in reservation forms will not be accepted.  If the Rental is for the next day it must be completed before 12:00 pm(noon) the day prior.  No rentals are taken the Day of, nor are any rentals taken over the phone or dates held without a security deposit.  SROSRC coordinates all rentals and reservations - all groups and individuals need to visit us at 15 Day Street, East Stroudsburg (M-Fri 8:30 am-4:00 pm) 

Regional Park & Facilities Reservation Agreement (click to download PDF)

Regional Field & Court Reservation Agreement (click to download PDF)

Special Events

Any organization requesting to host a special event in a regional park or facility needs to submit a Special Event Reservation Agreement at the Day Street Community Center. All information on the event needs to be submitted with the Agreement detailing schedule of events, facility use, estimated number of people, and other necessary information. Each request will be evaluated and additional information may be requested. 

Non-profit organizations:  Need to submit a copy of 501c3 certificate or appropriate non-profit status certificate 

Certification:  For all renters and vendors (a seperate vendor fee will be charged) requesting to serve food at their special event, a copy of the ServSafe Certification must be supplied and details of food handling and preparation needs to be reviewed by the Municipal Health Code Inspector and SROSRC's Executive Director.  An inspection may be conducted at the facility where food is prepared. Vendors need to pay a seperate vendor fee, show proof of ServSafe Certification, and provide a Certificate of Liability.  

Certificate of Liability:  For all events, a Certificate of Liability of at least $500,000 general liability is required for all parks and facilities.  SROSRC and the municipality the park/facility resides needs to be listed as Additional Insured.  SROSRC will provide the appropriate entities to list as Additional Insured on the Certificate of Liability. 

Please note: All Special Event reservations and payments of fees have to be submitted in person at the Stroud Region Open Space & Recreation (SROSRC) office in the Day Street Community Center, East Stroudsburg.  Mailed in reservation forms will not be accepted. SROSRC coordinates all special event requests in our parks - all groups and individuals need to visit us at 15 Day Street, East Stroudsburg (M-Fri 8:30 am-4:30 pm)

Special Event Reservation Agreement (click to download PDF)

Items Prohibited

The following items are prohibited: admission or cover charges for reserved facilities; generators; food sales; carnival rides; bounce houses or inflatables; tents; or commercial sale of any item(s) unless approved by SROSRC in connection with a special event reservation agreement

Certificate of Insurance

Organizations applying for use on all athletic fields, courts, and pavilions are required to provide proof of insurance and provide the Commission with a Certificate of Insurance evidencing general liability insurance coverage in the minimum amount of $500,000. The Certificate must also name SROSRC and the municipal owner of the facility as an Additional Insured. This needs to be submitted at the time of reservation.

Security Deposit

A security deposit may be required for use at a regional park or facility. Costs attributed to damages to parks and insufficient cleanup will be subtracted from the security deposit. If additional costs are incurred above the collected security deposit, the user will be billed. SROSRC reserves the right to charge an adjusted security deposit for special rental requests. Security deposits will be returned within 30 days of the event when the rented park or facility is left in good condition.

User Responsibilities

The user and their guests must follow all parks, trails and facility rules and regulations. The user shall inform its guests of these regulations and shall be responsible for any damage to park or facility by members of their group. Any and all decorations and tape shall be removed. Banners and signs may not be affixed to park property without permission from SROSRC, and, if required, a permit from municipal zoning officer. User shall clean off all tables, grills, and collect trash on and around pavilion. Trash bags must be tied and placed in park trash receptacles with lids firmly closed. Any trash that does not fit in the proper receptacles must be removed by the user to prevent wildlife from accessing it. The user must make sure that all vehicles are in the designated parking areas.


Refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather and no rain dates are permitted. User is responsible for making proper arrangements in case of inclement weather. Refunds of reservation fees will only be issued if requested in writing two weeks prior to the reserved date; security deposits will be returned. Refunds will be processed within 30 days of written request.


Advertising is not permitted.  No distribution of handbills, fliers, or circulars; No posting of any bills, notices, or advertising

Alcohol/Illegal Drugs are not permitted in any Regional Park.  (This includes no consumption, selling, distributing, or possessing illegal substances/alcohol)

Animals are not to be brought on Regional Park property, including playgrounds and athletic fields.  In certain parks, where permitted, dogs must be on a 6 foot leash at all times and must be within the control of the person bringing it on park property.  Owner is responsible to cleanup and remove any animal waste.

Bicycles are only permitted in designated areas

Camping or Lodging is not allowed in any Regional Park

Commercial Activities - A person may not sell, or offer for sale, any merchandise, article, or item in any Regional Park or at any special event without having first obtained permission from the SROSRC. A person may not practice, conduct or solicit for any trade, occupation, business or profession

Containers are subject to inspection by Park Patrol, Municipal, or SROSRC staff

Disorderly Conduct is not allowed and the visitor may be asked to leave the premises. Examples include:  riotous, boisterous, threatening, indecent content, abusive, threatening, or obscene language

Firearms/Weapons may not be discharged on park property

Fires are not allowed in any regional park except in designated grills 

Fireworks may not be set off in regional parks

Fishing is permitted in designated areas only. Valid state fishing licenses are required

Grilling is permitted in park grills only.  No portable grills or tables are permitted

Litter - A person may not throw or leave litter anywhere except in the trash receptacles provided.  Outside garbage may not be disposed of in any park

Malicious Mischief, Damage, Etc. - A person may not destroy, deface, injure, or remove any park facility, structure, natural landscape, animal...etc. in the park or facility.  Graffiti or writing upon any building, fence, bench, sign, or other structure is prohibited.  Have respect for the natural land, wildlife, and park infrastructure

Smoking is not allowed within Regional Parks, trails, or facilities

Structures, Tree houses, etc., cannot construct or placed on regional park property

Vehicles may not be operated in excess of 10 miles per hour; parking is allowed in designated parking areas.  Be cautious of pedestrians in parking lots and be aware of your surroundings.  Vehicle repairs or washing is not allowed in regional parks.  Vehicles may not be left in the park when the park is closed

Waterways - A person may not contaminate any waterway in or adjacent to Regional Park property

Wildlife cannot be hunted, trapped, captured, released, injured, or interfered with in any way

Revoke or Refusal

SROSRC reserves the right to revoke use privileges, remove participants, keep security deposits, and/or refuse current and future requests for any of the following:

  • Not adhering to Regional Parks, Trails, and Facilities Rules and Regulations
  • Returned checks or non-payment of fees and/or security deposits
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Park, pavilion, or facility damage