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A series of educational essays on the essential community services of parks and recreation systems.


The Top Ten Reasons Parks, Open Space, and Recreation are Important

Public park and recreation facilities and programs offer countless values to our community. The following “top ten” list of parks and recreation values are in no particular order, but encompasses the range of why public parks, open space and recreation are an essential part of our national and regional heritage: 

1. Public parks provide millions of Americans with the opportunity to be physically active. 
2. Parks have true economic benefits. 
3. Parks provide vital green space in a fast-developing landscape. 
4. Parks, greenways, and open space preserve critical wildlife habitat. 
5. Parks and recreation facilitate social interactions that are critical to maintaining community cohesion and pride. 
6. Leisure activities in parks and greenways improve moods, reduces stress, and enhances a sense of wellness. 
7. Recreational programs provide organized, structured, enjoyable activities for all ages.
8. Community recreation services provide a refuge of safety for at-risk youth. 
9. Therapeutic recreation is an outlet that individuals with disabilities have to be physically active, socially engaged, and cognitively stimulated. 
10. Public parks embody the American tradition of preserving public lands for the benefit and use of all.   

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